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How do I Clean My Crypton Fabric

By Jeff Frank


I need some information on how to clean my Crypton fabric. I have searched the internet and found many different formulas but I thought that I would ask you just to be sure. I have a dog so I use couch covers on my sofa. So right now it only needs spot cleaning in the areas that the cover does not reach. If you could take a few minutes and send me some suggestions I would very much appreciate it. I do not want to take any chances on messing up my brand new sofa!

Cynthia P.

August 7, 2020


The Crypton website has very detailed information about cleaning its fabrics. Click here for a direct link to Crypton’s cleaning support page.

Crypton has a laboratory which is constantly researching new and better cleaning techniques and products. For particularly difficult or unusual stains, it is possible to communicate directly with Crypton’s laboratory to get information on best cleaning methods for specific cases with specific Crypton fabrics.

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