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Is IKEA furniture a bargain or a waste of money?

By Jeff Frank

IKEA is not usually a waste of money. They provide simple, tasteful furniture styles at a minimal cost.

This can be an excellent alternative for young people with limited budgets entering the workforce, starting a family or furnishing a temporary living space.

The smaller scale also works well with small apartment rooms.

IKEA’s furniture can usually be counted on to last at least 3 years if properly assembled.

David Lothrop’s answer highlighted the fact that IKEA does make different furniture qualities.

There is a substantial customer base for affluent homeowners who live in older homes with narrow doors and stairways.
These homeowners can often afford more expensive furniture, but simply can’t find anything else that will fit into their homes.

I would not recommend buying used IKEA furniture in most cases. Disassembling and re-assembling the furniture or moving items that have already been assembled, can significantly weaken this type of furniture.

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