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Is 4.0 density foam good for a sofa?

By Jeff Frank

4.0 density polyurethane foam is rarely found in residential furniture.

Typically, densities above 2.5 are more appropriate for commercial and institutional use.

  • Densities above 2.5 may be found in residential cushions as a thin inner core in a composite cushion.
    • This composite cushion could have a central core of ultra high density foam with additional layers of less dense foams and/or feathers/down or fiber.

    For polyurethane foams:

    • Anything below 1.5 is considered “low-density.”
    • 1.6 – 1.7 is considered “medium density.”
    • 1.8 and above is “high density.”

    Memory foam is different.

    • Memory foams are more often found on mattresses than on sofas.
    • If a memory is used as part of a composite or non-removable cushion, 4.0 would be a “good” density.

    For memory foams:

    • Anything less than 4 is “low-density.”
    • 4 – 5 is “medium density.”
    • 5 and above is “high density.” Densities of 5 and above might be too firm for most seating purposes.


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