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Is Coaster Sofa a good brand?

By Jeff Frank


I am considering buying a Coaster sofa. Is that a good brand?

Jan. 3, 2021


Coaster is not a manufacturer. They are an importer that uses many different Asian manufacturing sources.

Although the brand name has been around for over 30 years, the type of sofas they sell now are very different from what was offered even 5 years ago.

  • The current sofa lineup ships unassembled. This is great if you have narrow doors or stairways (less than 32″ in width) to navigate.

Because Coaster is buying from many different sources, the specifications for their sofas are not consistent.

  • For example, one sofa states that the frame is made from kiln-dried hardwood. Another states that the frame is “high quality wood.”
    • There can be a huge difference between those two alternative constructions.
  • Cushions are also inconsistent in their descriptions.
    • Some cushions have no description at all, which is an indication that they are probably 1.8 density foam.
    • 1.8 density foam cushions usually wear out in 3 – 5 years.
  • Other cushions are described as “feather blend” and “coil construction.”
    • Feather blend cushions are softer than a solid 1.8 density, but they have a thinner foam core and will wear out sooner.
    • “Coil construction” cushions are often offered by high end brands as an upgrade to their standard foam, but there are also cheap coil cushions.
      • For example, Catnapper uses coil construction for most of their seats. Their reviews include dozens of complaints about the springs breaking in their cushions.
      • Coaster’s “coil construction” cushions are probably similar to Catnapper rather than the high end “spring down” coil construction that lasts 15+ years.
  • Watch out for bonded leather.
    • Many Coaster sofas feature bonded leather or leatherette.
    • There have been thousands of complaints about these materials over the past 10 years.

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