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Costco Flexsteel Modular Sectional: Is It Good Quality & Value?

By Jeff Frank

What are your thoughts on the Flexsteel modular sectional from Costco?

My wife and I were looking at LoveSac for a modular type design.

We have 2 boys that definitely like to test the limits of furniture and a chocolate lab that sheds quite a bit.

We’re in the 6k range with some wiggle room.

Aside from Flexsteel, do you have any other recommendations?


Costco is an excellent place to buy Flexsteel furniture.

Costco’s profit margins are lower than furniture stores and they have the world’s best warranty program.

The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee lets you return the furniture for any reason, no matter how long you have owned it.

The Flexsteel modular sectional you are considering is a new introduction.

I saw it last October at the International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, NC., where it was shown to retailers for the first time.

Flexsteel’s idea was to offer a more affordable (and smaller size) alternative to LoveSac’s Sactionals.

They have pretty much succeeded.

There are several other RTA (Ready to Assemble) brands that mimic Lovesac.

All are less sturdy than the Flexsteel.

Flexsteel’s blue steel flat spring is still the strongest seat support in the industry.

The engineered wood frame is durable enough to last 10+ years.

Assembly is very simple.

The biggest problem with cheaper modular sectionals is usually the cushions.

Most use inexpensive extra-firm 1.8 density foam.

A few offer soft feather/fiber filled cushions.

Both types of cushions have an average lifespan of less than 5 years.

Flexsteel’s modular sectional should have a 10 year average lifespan.

The 2.0 density foam cushions are thicker and plusher than most cushions found on Ready to Assemble seating.

Like many other modular RTA seating brands, Flexsteel uses a platform foundation. This is basically a padded box.

Platform foundations are sturdy, but hard.

Combining platform foundations with thin 1.8 density foam cushions can result in an uncomfortable sitting experience.

Flexsteel’s cushions may still seem uncomfortably firm to some people.

But they will be more comfortable and more durable than lower priced Ready to Assemble modular sectionals.

Flexsteel’s modular sectional seating ships unassembled.

This has obvious advantages if you:

Move around a lot.

May need to change the furniture’s configuration.

Live in a home that has narrow doors or stairways.

If those advantages are not important for you, there may be a better choice.

DreamSofa is a custom upholstery manufacturer in California.

The company sells primarily to large west coast commercial (non-residential) accounts and interior design professionals.

A small part of their business is selling direct to individuals through their website.

DreamSofa has a huge selection of sofa and sectional styles.

The website displays more than 60 sofa styles and almost 150 different sectional styles.

All styles are available in multiple sizes, and numerous custom options, including sleepers & several cushion options.

Many other possible custom options are not listed on the website, but can be “special ordered.”

DreamSofa’s furniture is shipped fully assembled.

Removable, washable cushion covers are available.

If you don’t need each seat to be a separate unit and you don’t need to fit through narrow entranceways, DreamSofas is a superior alternative.

The seating is more durable, and more comfortable than Flexsteel. Pricing is similar.

This is high-quality custom-built furniture.

It’s designed to last 15 – 20+ years if you get the optional 2.5 density foam or Spring Down cushions.

Because DreamSofa is a manufacturer selling direct, its prices are lower than the same quality furniture purchased through retailers.

It is better quality and more comfortable than Flexsteel at similar prices.

It is better quality and more comfortable than LoveSac, at lower prices.

Restoration Hardware’s Cloud collection is a well-known high end modular grouping.

It’s very expensive – over $15,000 for many of the most popular configurations.

Other brands have come up with their own (less expensive) “Cloud” versions.

DreamSofa has a version of Restoration Hardware’s Cloud Collection.

If you avoid the very expensive down/feather cushion option and choose standard sizes, DreamSofa’s modular collection could cost about 1/2 of Restoration Hardware’s pricing.

Quality will be similar – built to last 20+ years.

DreamSofa can provide Down/feather cushions, similar to those found on Restoration Hardware’s Cloud collection. They are the softest possible option, but they’re expensive and need to be constantly “fluffed” to maintain their shape.

DreamSofa’s modular Cloud Collection alternative is not shown on their website.

If you’re interested, speak with Marissa, DreamSofa’s senior design consultant. She can work with you to provide details and pricing.

The furniture will be custom built, so you have a lot of latitude to specify exact dimensions.

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