Do Joybird Sofas Use Bagged Cores in their Cushions?

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Hello! I just ordered 2 Joybird Lewis Sofas but am a bit nervous after reading some negative reviews.

Do you know if this sofa uses the bagged cores in its cushion construction? Many online photos show the fabric wrinkling & loosening on the seat overtime – which looks sloppy.

I’m not sure if I should cancel the order and roll the dice on Overstock or just keep my order. Thanks for any insights you may have!

–Ginger, July 11th 2022


Most mass produced upholstered furniture brands average between 80% – 90% negative reviews on independent review sites.

Many of the recent complaints about Joybird seem to be about long waits and poor customer service. That has been normal throughout the furniture industry since the beginning of the Pandemic. But the situation is just starting to improve.

I can’t tell whether or not this sofa has “bagged” cushion construction, but normally sofas in this price range do have seat cushions that are encased in a muslin ticking inside the fabric covering. I would be very surprised if these seat cushions are not “bagged.”

The Lewis sofa has a single long “bench” seat cushion.

There are advantages and disadvantages to a single long cushion.

Advantage: Larger seat cushions are more durable than smaller seat cushions.

The Lewis seat cushions are made with a 2.0 density foam core, which is slightly more durable than the industry standard 1.8 density. As a result your seat cushions should hold up for 6 – 8 years with average use.

In comparison, the same sofa with three smaller cushions of 1.8 density would have an average expected lifespan of 3- 5 years before losing their shape, resilience (ability to bounce back) and comfort.

Disadvantage: Larger cushions do wrinkle more easily.

Wrinkling is also affected by the type of fabric. Some types of fabrics wrinkle more than others.

Fabrics that stretch wrinkle more than non-stretchable fabrics. Light weight fabrics wrinkle more than heavier fabrics. The back cushions will probably wrinkle sooner than the seat cushions.

The good news is that the back cushions are filled with fiber only. The cost of re-stuffing the back cushions with additional fiber is minimal. is not a guaranteed solution to this problem. They sell a wide range of sofas. Many are far lower quality than Joybird.

Another option for you might be to find a local custom upholsterer who can build a similar looking couch with better quality cushions and a Sitting Pretty fabric.

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