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Which is Better Furniture, Kuta or K Motion?

By Jeff Frank


We have a 15 year old Lane couch set that has held up well but needs replacement. We were looking at a Kuka sectional today that was a decent price. 

What’s your thoughts about Kuka or K Motion?

Lisa S.

Oct. 28, 2020


Kuka is a huge Chinese manufacturer (and retailer) of generic furniture in all categories.

There are no construction specifications listed on their websites or on the websites of retailers selling their furniture.

That is a bad sign!

Basically, it means there is nothing in the construction to brag about and the products are designed primarily to minimize costs.

Your 15 year old Lane furniture was built better than the same brand today. The company that made your old couch has gone through at least two bankruptcies since that time. Lane furniture made today has very little in common with what was made 15 years ago, except for the name.

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