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Is There a Recliner That is Best for Sleeping? Consider an Adjustable Bed!

By Jeff Frank


I am 70 years old, 5 ft. 2 inches, and am looking for a high-quality recliner with good lumbar support that I can sleep on.

My old recliner is worn out and giving me hip pain. I spend a lot of time in my chair as I cannot lie flat.

Is there a recliner that is best for sleeping?


It may be time for a new recliner, but problems sleeping may require an alternative solution.

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Recliners for bad backs:

Many articles about the best recliners for back pain recommend recliners with zero gravity mechanisms.

Google searches for Best Recliners for People with Back Pain, will also list multiple websites touting the same few brands.

These are the brands that pay the most to reviewers and influencers to refer customers to their products.

More thorough research will turn up alternative brands with superior products.

Over the past 5 years, there have been huge leaps in Adjustable bed and mattress technology.

Check out this article about Adjustable Beds for Seniors.

There are a huge variety of adjustable mattresses and frames now available.

Adjustable beds are expensive, but they last far longer than most recliners and are healthier for sleeping.

Important Note: With your doctor’s prescription, Medicare will pay 80% of the cost of an adjustable bed.

Many major mattress brands now offer adjustable beds.

They are currently one of the fastest growing segments of the furniture industry.

Two of the best sources for information about adjustable beds are the SleepFoundation.org and Tuck.com.

The brands recommended by these two organizations are generally very good, but you should be aware that there are also many other excellent adjustable bed brands.

Adjustable bed brands recommended most often on review and informational websites are those that pay reviewers and influencers for referring potential customers to their products.

A review titled, 10 Best Adjustable Bed Brands for Bad Backs usually includes only brands that have offered payment to the article’s author.

Mass produced recliners may be very comfortable when new.

Unfortunately, the seat foam soon begins to lose its resilience (ability to bounce back) as you use it.

A recliner’s comfort may be noticeably less after one year. Within 3 – 5 years, the foam’s breakdown may be severe enough that it is no longer comfortable, even if you have an adjustable lumbar support and headrest.

For someone who is only 5 ft. 2 inches and does not weigh much, the loss of resiliency would normally be less than for larger individuals, but if you are using the chair more often, that speeds up the breakdown of the foam.
For older people with bad backs, it is especially important to find a chair that matches your height and size. You need support for your knees, back, neck and head, as well as lumbar support.

If your budget is limited, La-Z-Boy probably has the best selection of recliners designed for smaller people with a wide variety of comfort options, including lumbar support.

If you do select La-Z-Boy get the optional upgraded seat cushions. They have an extra layer of 2.5 density foam that will add a few years to the lifespan of the recliner.

If your budget is more flexible, there are some high end brands that offer exceptionally comfortable, highly adjustable seating.
  • American Leather’s Comfort Air chair line is amazingly comfortable. Personally, I found these chairs to be the most comfortable reclining furniture I have ever sat upon. Prices are steep, beginning around $3500 in fabric and $5000 in leather.
  • Himolla and Stressless are two high end European style brands that are available in multiple sizes that are extremely comfortable.
    • Stressless started in Norway over 50 years ago, but has been made in Thailand and the U.S. since 2019.  Most Stressless recliners feature separate foot rests.
    • Himolla has been made in Germany for 70 years and has more adjustable options.
  • Hancock & Moore, Taylor King, and MotionCraft are excellent brands if you are looking for more traditional styles.

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