Is Microsuedes as Good as Leather?

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 We have a yellow lab who sheds A LOT, but we also have a cat which makes us wary of leather. We had a bad experience in the past with cat vs leather sofa. 

What is your opinion on the microsuedes that are very closely cut and almost as smooth as leather? There is a fabric that is 100% polypropolene that I like. Also some with Olefin, polyester and nylon. I would greatly appreciate any advice you could give me on this. Thanks!

Karen M

Feb. 22, 2021


In the furniture industry, polypropylene and olefin are used interchangeably. There is actually a subtle chemical difference but that is usually ignored when discussing fabrics.

Whether the fabric is described as olefin or polypropylene, either is available in a wide range of different looks and textures (and a wide range of prices.)

Loose woven olefins (such as Revolution high performance fabrics) can be a problem if your cat has claws. Tightly woven olefins (such as Bella-Dura high performance fabrics) should work well. Bella Dura fabrics are extremely durable and almost stain proof.

Polyesters and nylons are rarely as loose woven as the lower priced olefins, but the tighter the weave the better the fabric will be for your pets.

Microsuedes are tightly woven fabrics, usually 100% polyester, although there is one company still making 100% nylon microsuedes.

Prior to the introduction of high performance fabrics about 5 years ago, microsuedes used to be the most heavily recommended fabrics for pets.

The biggest drawback of the microsuedes is that they strongly attract pet fur and dander.

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