How Do I Reupholster My Norwalk Sectional Sofa?

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I have an old custom made Norwalk sectional sofa purchased in 1992. It has extra-firm cushions and has held up very well. The cushions still rebound after 30 years. 

I plan to have it reupholstered with leather. Should I replace the foam on the entire sofa?

May 9, 2021


Cushion cores should be replaced on your Norwalk sectional sofa if they have started to lose their shape or are beginning to feel uncomfortable. You do not need to replace the cores if you don’t have any problems with your current cushions.

Leather is a stiffer material than fabric. It makes the cushions feel firmer. High end leather upholstery is most often sold with Spring Down cushion cores. Spring down cores feel softer than brand new foam cores, but will still last 15 years or more. They will retain their gently firm feel over their entire lifespan.

The cushions in your current Norwalk sectional sofa are probably Spring Down. If you prefer an extra-firm feel, Spring Down cushions are sometimes available with heavier gauge (firmer) coil springs.

If you prefer foam cushion cores, try to find 2.5 density. These will last more than twice as long as the 1.8 density foam found in most sofa cushions. 2.5 density foam cores won’t feel much different than 1.8 when both are new. 5 or 10 years later 2.5 density foam cushions will still feel brand new. They will last 10 – 15 years before needing replacement.

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