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Is Polyester a Good Material for Furniture?

By Jeff Frank


I’m thinking of buying a sectional made of 100% polyester. Do you know if polyester is a good material for furniture?


July 31, 2020


Generally speaking, polyester is a good material for upholstered furniture.

Polyester is the most common fabric found on furniture today. It can be very inexpensive (including many of the microfibers.) It can be very expensive. The cost depends on the thickness of the fabric, the density of the weave and several other factors.

There have been tremendous advances in polyester fabric technology over the past five years. Polyesters can now be made to look and feel like cotton, linen, wool, silk and other fibers. Textures can range from very smooth to very coarse. Many of the new heavy-duty, highly stain-resistant “high performance” fabrics (such as Crypton) are polyester or polyester blends.

In general polyester fibers are very durable and highly stain resistant.  All upholstered furniture manufacturers at both the low and high ends of the price spectrum offer a wide variety of polyester fabrics.

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