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What is the Quality of Ethan Allen Sofas?

By Jeff Frank


We are looking to replace our 20 year sofa with one that does not recline and is not a sleeper sofa. What is the quality of Ethan Allen sofas? In particular we are interested in their Mansfield line. They’re expensive but we’re willing to spend to get good quality.

April 20, 2021


The inner construction of Ethan Allen’s Mansfield sofa is pretty generic. But well-made generic frames and coil spring foundations may still last 20 years without problems. Most of the cost for this sofa goes into the hand craftsmanship and tailoring needed to make the furniture look good.

The cushions are made with industry standard 1.8 density foam.

  • These cushions will begin losing their loft and resiliency (and comfort) within a year and steadily get worse until they need replacement in about 5 years.
  • Cushions that flatten out and lose their loft and comfort are not covered by warranty, even if this occurs within one year. This is considered “normal wear.”

Ethan Allen may have cushion upgrades available. If they do, get them. Better cushions are worth the investment.

  • If possible, get cushions with a 2.5 density foam core or preferably a spring down cushion core. Either of these constructions will more than double the lifespan of your cushions, retaining their “like new” look and comfort for at least 10 years for most people..
  • Ethan Allen may also have optional down/feather cushions. These are softer. They cost a lot more, but require fluffing each time you get up from the sofa.

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