Is it Normal for Reclining Sofa Back Foot to Lifts off the Floor When You Lean Forward?

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When using my reclining two seater chair the back foot lifts off the floor if I lean slightly forward, is this acceptable?

Jackilien N.

August 12, 2020


You don’t say whether this is a new recliner or an older one.

  • The problem you are describing could have happened during shipment or delivery.
  • If the furniture is new, the retailer you purchased from may send someone out to fix it if you insist hard enough.

Since you have not stated that this is the result of a broken frame or mechanism, it is probable that the frame and mechanism have shifted slightly due to everyday usage or simply being moved around in your home.

  • The mechanisms are very heavy and most moderately priced reclining furniture has very flimsy frames.

If this problem has occurred after 1 year of use (or even after a few months) the retailer will tell you it is not covered under the warranty unless you can prove two things:

  • A part has broken due to a manufacturer’s defect.
  • The damage was caused by a specific accident (not something that has occurred over time.)

The good news is that this is probably not a safety hazard, but…

If you feel that the recliner may tip over when the rear feet lift off the floor, then it does become a potential safety hazard and should be reported immediately to the retailer and manufacturer.

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