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Do I Need A Professional Upholsterer to Replace Ashley Cushions?

By Jeff Frank


I have an Ashley that is 8 years old. It’s still in perfect condition except for the cushions. Do you know anyone in the Chattanooga, TN area who will do a good job replacing the insides of the cushions?


June 6, 2020


If the cushion covers have zippers that run all the way across the back and part way up the sides, you can buy your own foam cushion cores to replace what you have. (I doubt that will be the case with your Ashley cushions.)

If you have the standard small zipper that goes only part way along the back of the cushion you will need a professional upholsterer (or reupholsterer.)

This is a very simple job for any experienced upholsterer. What you need to ask for is a foam with a density of at least 2.2. If you can find a 2.5 or 2.8 foam that will be even better. The foam is then wrapped in a dacron polyester fiber. (This is standard. The upholsterer will know how to do that.) The higher the foam density, the longer it will last. The cost of foam increases as the density increases.

The upholsterer may ask you what firmness you want.  He may be able to get different foam densities in multiple firmnesses. Firmness will not impact the lifespan (or the cost) of the foam.

Another alternative is spring down cushion cores. Any upholsterer who works on high end furniture will know how to do that. It is more expensive than foam, but will last you 15 years or more. Spring down cushions allow you to sink down further into the cushion. Most foam cushions are firmer.

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