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Can you replace the foam in couch cushions?

By Jeff Frank

It depends on whether or not the cushions are removable.

Non-removable cushions are most often found in:

  • Low and mid-priced reclining furniture.
  • Leather seating. One sided cushions can save several hundred dollars when expensive leather is used.
  • Some lower cost stationary couches have non-removable cushions.
    • Replacing the foam in non-removable cushions is major surgery.
      • It is expensive.
      • The fabric needs to be removed and then reattached. That is not always possible without completely replacing the fabric.

      Removable cushions do have replaceable cushion cores.

      • Cushion covers generally have zippers shown in so that they can be removed and the cores replaced.
        • When replacing cushion cores, a higher density foam is recommended.
          • Mass produced seating most often has cushions with 1.8 density foam cores.
          • 2.5 density foam should last at least twice as long as the 1.8 density it replaces.
          • Higher density foams are also available. Densities of 3.0 and higher are usually used only for commercial or institutional furniture.
          • Density is not the same as firmness. Very high density foams can be very soft, very firm or anywhere in between.
        • Cushion cores can be replaced in removable cushions by any local professional upholsterer or reupholsterer.

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