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How Can I Replace & Upgrade the Foam in my Outdoor Sofa Cushions?

By Jeff Frank


We need to replace the foam in seats of our patio furniture. It is in a screen porch environment. We live in St. Simons, GA. and use the furniture for about 3 – 4 hours every day.

The foam does not recover very fast after sitting on them. They have not been comfortable since they were purchased.

When I sit down they compress instantly down an are uncomfortable…I weigh 230 lbs.The seat cushions are about 4” thick.

After reading your article I think I would want the 2 to 2.5 density…… what do you recommend and where can I buy foam and know it is the correct density?


The answer depends on how you use your outdoor furniture.

Outdoor foam is different than indoor foam.

If your furniture is used outdoors and will be exposed to rain, you need foam that is specifically made for that purpose.

Outdoor foam is found in 1.8 density only.

There are different firmnesses available. Firmness is measured by an ILD scale.Someone your size you should get an ILD firmness of approximately 60.

The average lifespan for cushions made with 1.8 density outdoor foam is 5 – 8 years.

Because of your size and above average use, you may get less than half that lifespan. I recommend getting extra cushions.

There are higher ILDs (firmer) but they may be uncomfortable for smaller people. They will not increase the cushion’s durability.

Outdoor foam may be available only in full or half sheets.
A full sheet measures 90″ x 50″ x 4″ thick.
A half sheet measures 90″ x 25″ x 4″ thick
The foam company may cut the foam into individual cushions for you. To get this foam, check out The Foam Factory.

There are other foam sellers, but the highest ILD I could find for other outdoor foam sellers was 45. You will probably do better with the 60 ILD.


If your sofa is in a protected environment, you have more choices.

Check out FoamOrder.com. They sell individual cushions to your specifications.

Their best foam for you would be their Everflex V54. This has a 2.9 density with an ILD of 54. This foam is rated for 15 – 20 years, but you may get only half that lifespan or even less. For added comfort, you should add the Dacron Polyester wrapping. It does not affect the cushion’s lifespan. Latex foam would also be a good choice, but is far more expensive.

From the Foam Factory the best choice would be the Lux HQ (High Quality) foam. It is 2.8 density with an ILD of 50.

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