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Is Rowe Brand Furniture of High Quality?

By Jeff Frank


I have been shopping for a mid-price sofa, and I have found a couple made by Rowe that seem to be just what I am looking for. However, there are a couple of things about them that give me pause. 

When I pull a seat cushion off and press on the sinuous springs, I hear a creaking sound. Is this a bad sign? Also, the feet are made of plastic. Should I be worried about that?

Jan. 23, 2021


Rowe is a difficult company to evaluate.

It filed for bankruptcy in 2007, and subsequently purchased by a large company that owned several major furniture brands.

Rowe struggled to make a profit for several years, and then was sold again in 2018 to a large Chinese manufacturer, who makes furniture under multiple brand names.

At this point I am not sure whether the Rowe product is being made overseas or whether it is being assembled in the U.S. using Chinese parts.

  • Creaking springs is an indication they may not be using enough padding.
    • Sometimes well-built sofas creak after many years of use.
    • Well-built sofas should not creak when they are brand new.
  • Plastic legs are not a good sign. Wood legs cost only $1 – $2 more. If they are economizing that much, the rest of the construction is suspect.

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