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How Am I Certain That A Sectional Merchant is Not Inflating the Price?

By Jeff Frank


How do I confirm the Original price of a Hancock and Moore sectional in order to determine whether the sale price is actually discounted as advertised? In essence, how am I certain that the merchant is not inflating price? Marking up to mark down?

June 24, 2020


The way I would personally go about this with Hancock & Moore specifically, would be to contact Duane Collie.

He is one of the foremost experts on high end leather in the U.S. and is the founder of myfurnitureforum.com, an informational blog that has answered thousands of questions about  leather generally and Hancock & Moore in particular.

Duane is also the owner of The Keeping Room. This is a Northern Virginia furniture store that specializes in high end leather and ships nationwide. His small store has been one of Hancock & Moore’s biggest customers for over a decade. When any of his customers has a problem, Duane has a direct line to top management at H&M (and they listen to him.)

Duane is one of the most honorable people I have ever known in the furniture industry. You can rely on the accuracy of any information he gives you. Please keep in mind that he is a retailer and gets inundated with questions like this.

If you feel that there is a possibility that you may purchase from him, you can contact him directly. Otherwise, please post your question through myfurnitureforum.com.

Note – I do not get paid by Duane for saying nice things about him or directing potential customers to him. I have met him personally and was very impressed by the depth of his knowledge about high end leather furniture.

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