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Should I Buy Wear and Tear Insurance at Aaron’s?

By Jeff Frank


I’m buying a couch from Aaron’s, which is being delivered later today. I am being forced to buy insurance for “wear and tear.” Can they force me to buy this insurance?

Caroline F.

Dec. 4, 2020


Aaron’s is not a furniture retailer. They are in a category called “Rent to Own” which charges extremely high monthly interest rates to customers who cannot afford to pay in full and whose credit is not strong enough for more reasonable interest rates.

Aaron’s sales are not “purchases.” From a legal standpoint you are “leasing” their furniture until it is paid off. Leasing has different rules, including their ability to charge for additional “insurance” or other fees.

Rent to Own furniture dealers are able to charge far higher interest rates than what is considered the maximum legal limit for credit cards and normal furniture stores.

For more information on this topic, including a comparison of the difference in pricing between a Rent to Own dealer and a regular retailer, see my blog article Is Rent to Own furniture sturdier than normal furniture?

In general, buying furniture from a Rent to Own franchise is the most expensive way possible to buy furniture.

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