How much does it cost to replace sofa cushions?

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There is a wide variation on the cost of replacement sofa cushions.

Some of the variables include:

  1. Size of the cushions (length and depth.)
  2. Thickness of the cushions.
  3. Type of material used in the cushion core.
    1. Foam
    2. Down/feathers
    3. Coil springs, etc.)
  4. Foam density
  5. Type, quality and quantity of feathers/down (if used.)
  6. Shipping costs. (Replacement cushions can be expensive to ship. Transportation charges can exceed the cost of the cushions.)

The total cost for replacing a set of three sofa cushion inserts could be anywhere from $50 for inexpensive foam to $600 or more for down/feathers.

This cost range does not include:

  • Fabric or leather covers.
  • Shipping (which can exceed $100.)
  • Installation charges. (Most replacement cushion cores can only be properly restuffed into the fabric covers by professional upholsterers.)

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