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How Can I Fix My Southern Motion Rocker Recliner that no Longer Rocks Correctly?

By Jeff Frank


I have a leather Southern Motion rocker recliner. The metal base of the frame is chipped after less than 2yrs use. It no longer rocks correctly and is ruined. Is there anything I can do or purchase to fix this ???

Margie B. now ruined.

Dec. 21, 2020


The best way to get prompt action on a warranty claim of this type is if you communicate that the damage is a “safety problem.” Is there a possibility that the chair may tip over because of this issue?

When speaking with customer service people, always be polite. Do not yell or threaten!! You may need to be persistent and make several follow up calls and emails, but try to keep pleasant throughout.

  • I have known many customer service people who ignored or delayed legitimate complaints simply because they felt the customer was rude or obnoxious.

Document everything in writing through emails.

  • If you speak with someone on the phone, get their email address and immediately follow up with a summary of your conversation.
  • Include the person’s name and the time of the phone call. It is very easy for customer service people to forget to follow up when there is nothing in writing to remind them.

If the damaged base is removable, Southern Motion may be able to send you a replacement part. They may or may not charge you for the part and may or may not agree to pay for the labor needed to make the repair.

  • If you are handy and can replace the part yourself, that can save a lot of hassle and potential cost.

If you contact Southern Motion directly, their customer service person will instruct you to first contact the dealer where you purchased the furniture.

  • If the dealer is no longer in business, then you can contact Southern Motion directly.
  • If you have moved and the dealer is no longer convenient for you to reach, check your warranty.
  • There may be a clause stating that the warranty is void if the furniture is not in the original “ship to” location.
  • If that is the case, Southern Motion may still be OK with selling you a replacement part.

You have not specified how the metal base became chipped. That is an indication to the retailer and manufacturer that you do not feel that the problem was due to a manufacturing defect.

If you feel that the problem was due to a manufacturing defect, make that clear in your complaint.

  • Manufacturing defects can be difficult to prove.
  • The typical response is that the damage was caused by “customer abuse.” Customer abuse can include anything from dragging the chair from one part of the room to another or having a larger than normal person sit on it.

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