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What’s Your Opinion on Southern Motion Sectionals?

By Jeff Frank


My wife and I would like to know your opinion on Southern Motion sectionals that have recliners on each end. The fabric is polyester. The motors are guaranteed only three years. My concern is durability of the motors.

We are looking at a sectional that seats 6 or so people on sale for $2,560. Thank you.


May 10, 2020


The single biggest problem with Southern Motion (and the vast majority of their competitors) is the use of non-removable cushions made with 1.8 density foam.

This means that the cushions will begin losing resilience (and comfort) after about 3 years. After that the furniture can get increasingly less comfortable. There is no way to replace non-removable cushions other than completely reupholstering the entire piece.

The motors are another concern. They can fail over time. Some Southern Motion sectionals have three motors for each reclining seat (back, headrest, lumbar support.) That means you have 6 motors that may fail.

Motors may run for 10 years or more with no problems at all. Southern Motion has quite a few negative reviews, but the vast majority are concerned with worn out cushions or peeling bonded leather. Broken motors don’t seem to be a major source of complaints.

Polyester fabrics are generally durable and easy to clean. Densely woven polyesters, including microfibers and high performance fabrics, are extremely durable and stain-resistant.

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