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What is the Warranty Period For Thomas Lioyd Furniture Company?

By Jeff Frank


I bought leather furniture from Thomas Lloyd just over 2 years ago. Recently, I  noticed one of the chairs peeling.

I emailed them a week ago to ask for advice but have not yet received a reply. I’m planning to phone them on Monday. 

This company has had a good reputation for many years . Do you think I should push for a replacement? They state they use only the best leather and it shouldn’t be peeling so soon. Would appreciate your advice.

August 29, 2020


The warranty on your furniture is for 2 years from the date on which you received the furniture, not two years from the date it was purchased. That may make a difference in how responsive they are to your situation.

Typically “peeling” leather is a sign that the material used was “bonded” or “bicast” leather products rather than good quality top or full grain leathers made from hides. I would be very surprised, however, to hear that Thomas Lloyd uses either bonded or bicast leather.

Good quality leather, if properly taken care of, should last for 20 years or more. Before contacting the company check up on the section of their website that describes how to care for your leather furniture. If you are able to confidently state that you have followed these guidelines it will strengthen your case.

If the company lives up to its reputation and you can show that you were not abusive in your treatment of the furniture there is a good chance they will try to help you, even if you are slightly past the warranty date.

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