What American Manufacturers Produce Leather Sectionals that do not Have Inferior Framing, Cushions and Leather Quality?

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What American manufacturers produce leather sectionals that do not have inferior framing, cushions and leather quality? 

Feb. 1, 2021


More and more upper end custom upholstered furniture manufacturers have been switching from solid wood to plywood frames over the past decade. The plywood frames they use are superior to what is found in mass produced furniture.

The cost savings is just too much for some of these companies to ignore. Solid 5/4″ hardwood frames that last 50+ years now cost $300 – $400. A well-built plywood frame that lasts 20+ years costs less than $100.

Here are some American manufacturers that make excellent quality leather furniture. Most (or all) of these companies should have sectionals.

C.R. Laine, North Carolina

Carolina Custom Leather, North Carolina

Cisco Brothers, California (not all styles 8-way hand tied)

Hancock & Moore, North Carolina

Huntington House, North Carolina

Leathercraft, North Carolina

Lee Industries, North Carolina *Available at The Stated Home

The MT Company, North Carolina

Stanford, North Carolina

Taylor King, North Carolina

Temple Furniture, North Carolina

Thayer Coggin, North Carolina

Sherill, North Carolina

Style Upholstery, North Carolina

Vanguard, North Carolina

Wesley Hall, North Carolina

In addition, there are hundreds of independent custom upholsterers who build top quality leather seating in their small shops.

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