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What is your Opinion of Memory Gel Foam Cushions?

By Jeff Frank


What is your opinion of Memory gel foam cushions? I am looking at Slumberland’s Crowes loveseat.


Slumberland’s memory gel foam cushion description is inaccurate.

The Crowes loveseat cushions are not 100% memory gel foam.

Many manufacturers currently offer gel foam cushions.

No sofa manufacturer offers cushions made with 100% memory foam. 

100% memory foam cushions are impractical.

They are expensive, and heavy.

Most people sit on the same part of the cushion each time.

This can leave permanent indentations in 100% memory foam.

Most memory foams do not last any longer than standard polyurethane foam and may get uncomfortably hot.

They can also stretch out fabric coverings over time, causing unsightly wrinkles.

“Memory gel foam” sofa cushions have polyurethane foam cores, wrapped with polyester fiber sheets.

Memory gel foam cushions replace the polyester fiber with a thin layer of memory gel foam.

This is glued to the polyurethane foam core. Sometimes fiber is wrapped over the memory foam layer.

The gel-foam wrapping feels slightly softer and more comfortable than the standard polyester fiber wrapping, but has only a minimal effect on the cushions’ overall lifespan.

Using a memory foam instead of the standard polyester fiber wrapping adds about $10 to the manufacture’s cost of a cushion.

At the retail store level, the added cost may be $35 – $50 per cushion.

A cushion made with a good quality all-memory foam would add at least $200 per cushion to the total cost.

There are many types of memory foams, with a wide range of costs and physical characteristics.

Attached back cushions occasionally use thin layers of memory foam for support.

Memory foams are never found in unattached (loose) back cushions or pillows.


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