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What Are the Top Three 7 Seat Leather Reclining Sectionals?

By Jeff Frank


I need a good quality reclining leather sectional with 7 seats, a sturdy frame and removable coil spring cushions that will last a long time.

What would be your top 3 choices? My budget is $10,000 Canadian ($7500 U.S.)


Sorry, you are asking for something that is probably not possible.

A 7 seat leather reclining sectional, that will last longer than 5 years, is probably going to cost you well over U.S. $10,000 ($13,500 Canadian.)

You can find plenty of cheap bonded leather or leather match reclining sectionals that can meet your price range.

But they will not have sturdy frames or durable cushions that will keep their comfort longer than 3 – 5 years.

Substituting fabric for leather should bring the price down a few thousand dollars, but probably not enough to meet your budget requirements.

If you decide to go with a cheap import that fits your budget, try Costco.

The quality will be poor, but Costco is the last furniture retailer that still takes back furniture with no questions asked, no matter how long you have owned it.

The brand that comes closest to what you are asking for is Elran.

They are a Canadian manufacturer located in Montreal.

The seats are non-removable, but they do have coil springs.

You can find Elran authorized dealers by clicking here.

One other tip: I don’t know whether Canada celebrates Father’s Day, but in the U.S., Father’s Day Sales always feature the best discounts of the year for reclining furniture.

Father’s Day Sales start in the U.S. in early June.

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