What is a reversible sectional sofa?

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Most sectionals are made from two or more separate seat units. These seat unit sections may have 1, 2 or 3 seats.
Each of these sections will have attachment hardware that allows them to be on either the right or left side.

For example in the photo below you can see a three seat section with one arm on the left joined to a 2 seat section with one arm on the right.

  • This configuration is not reversible. You can’t use the same pieces to make a sectional with the two sections on the opposite sides.
  • The non-reversible sectional shown below is from Flexsteel.The diagram shows a sectional that can be reversed.This is a 6 seat sectional made up of individual one seat units.
    • In the diagram the left side has an arm unit, an armless unit and a wedge corner unit.
    • The right side has an arm unit, two armless units and shares the same wedge corner.

    Since each seat unit is individual and can be detached, it is possible to take either one or two armless units from the right side and move them to the left side of the sectional.

    Likewise the single arm unit on the left could be detached and moved to the right side.

    This mobility allows you to create a sectional that has 1, 2, 3 or 4 seats to either the right or left of the wedge corner.

    Whichever configuration you choose can be changed or reversed at any time.
    Below are a couple of examples of reversible sectionals from Simplicity Sofas

    Click here for a video showing how the individual seat sections can be reversed

    One of the advantages of sectionals made up of single seat units is that they fit through smaller entrance ways.

    The Simplicity sectionals shown above are designed to fit through 15″ width doors and stairways.

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