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Is the Crate & Barrel Gather Sectional Good Quality?

By Jeff Frank

We are considering the Crate and Barrel Gather sectional sofa with bench seats.

The website doesn’t have any information. The salesperson does not seem to know much about the sectional.

Do you have any thoughts on this sectional sofa?

Does Crate and Barrel have any other sectionals that you recommend?


Crate and Barrel is a retailer.

Their seating is made by several different manufacturers. Salespeople may or may not know the name of the manufacturer if the furniture is made in the U.S. If it’s made overseas, there’s no way to know which manufacturer is making which model.

In addition, manufacturers can produce different quality levels depending on the specifications and pricing stipulated by Crate and Barrel.

For example, any Crate and Barrel sectional can be designed to last twice as long, if the retailer thinks its customers will be willing to pay the higher price needed to achieve that quality level.

Most furniture retailers, including Crate and Barrel, feel that most of their customers would rather pay less for sofas and sectionals that will last 5 years or fewer than spend an additional several hundred dollars for seating that looks and feels identical in the showroom, but is built to last 10+ years.

Given these specifications, the Gather and Peyton collections from Crate and Barrel both offer an exceptional lifespan of over a decade. This impressive durability is due to their superior cushion construction and robust frames, setting these sectionals apart in the market. These insights are backed not just by product specifications, but also by positive user feedback and comprehensive warranty terms, making these collections reliable purchases. Simply put, anticipate at least a decade's service from these Crate and Barrel sectionals.

Crate & Barrel offers another impressive sectional sofa collection known as Peyton, parallel to the Gather collection in terms of construction. The Peyton collection, boasting its own distinctive design elements, manifests unparalleled comfort and style. However, it is paramount to note that while Peyton mirrors Gather's construction, it stands as an entity of its own, thus ensuring variety within Crate & Barrel's offerings. Differing yet analogous, both collections underline Crate & Barrel's commitment to providing diverse, quality sofa selections.

The Gather and Peyton collections from Crate and Barrel distinguish themselves from other C&B sectionals with their coil spring cushion construction. The coil spring cushions increase the longevity of these sofas and sectionals. As a result, they can last twice as long as many other collections on offer from the retailer.

Both the Gather and Peyton Collections have cushions made with coil spring cores.

These coil spring cushions should last more than twice as long as the foam core cushions found in all other Crate and Barrel seating.

Crate and barrel peyton
Crate and barrel Peyton sectional

The Crate and Barrel website has quite a lot of information about the Gather and Peyton sectionals.

But it isn’t easy for shoppers (or salespeople) to interpret.

The Crate and Barrel website description of the Gather sectional is printed below in black italicized  bold print. 
The comments in GREEN are my detailed explanations of what the Crate and Barrel descriptions actually mean.

Frame is benchmade with FSC ®-certified engineered hardwood that’s kiln-dried to prevent warping. 

This is the 3rd best method of frame construction. It is cheaper and less durable than solid hardwood or plywood, but superior to frames made from particleboard. 

Although this is a cheap frame construction, it should hold up for at least 10 years.
The FSC certification for the wood indicates that this frame is made in the USA. That is better quality than many frames sourced in Asia.

Sinuous wire foundation. 

The sinuous wire foundation in the Gather sectional is a poorer quality than many of their similarly priced competitors.
There are large gaps between the individual sinuous wires. There are no edge supports.

Despite these flaws, the foundation should last at least 10 years without problems, unless you have unusually heavy people sitting on the furniture or kids who like to jump on it.

The Crate and Barrel Gather & Peyton’s innerspring cushions are a great feature.

They should double the expected lifespan of your sectional compared to standard 1.8 or 2.0 density foam cushions.

Seat cushions are innerspring wrapped in polyfoam with fiber encased in downproof ticking. 

This is superior to the 1.8 density foam core cushions that are the furniture industry standard.

Over the past 15 years, the vast majority of cushions sold on mass produced upholstery used 4 – 6 inch thick 1.8 density foam cores. These 1.8 density cushions had an average lifespan of 3 – 5 years before losing their shape, resilience (ability to bounce back), and comfort.

The cushions in the Gather and Peyton sectionals are “innerspring wrapped in foam with fiber encased in down proof ticking.” This construction should give your cushions a lifespan of 8 – 10+ years.

For more information on innerspring cushion construction, check out my articleIKEA Sofas – All the Experts are Wrong. 

Back cushions are full-blown fiber encased in downproof ticking. 

This is the least expensive way to make back cushions. Many brands in this price range have channels sewn into their back cushions to keep the blown fiber from clumping up and making the cushions lopsided.

You may find the back cushions losing their shapes within a year or two. Fortunately, it is easy and inexpensive to add additional polyester filling to the back cushions if this bothers you.

The Crate and Barrel Gather & Peyton sectionals should give you 10+ years of comfortable seating.

Although the frame and foundation are less than optimal for seating in this price range, they should still hold up for 10+ years.

The Gather sectional is available in two different depths.

There have been complaints about the comfort of the standard 38″ depth.

The deeper 43″ version does not have those same complaints.

The Peyton is available in only one depth.

There do not seem to be any serious complaints about the Peyton comfort.

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