What Size of Sofa Would Fit Through 29″ Width Entranceway?

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I am interested in buying a sofa set for my apartment and I’m struggling trying to figure out what size couch I should get that will fit through my apartment building and the door of my apartment. 

I have measured both doors and they’re both 77.5 inches tall and 29 inches wide. The stairwell that leads up to my apartment is 29.5 inches wide and the lowest point of the ceiling is 79.5 inches in the stairwell. 

What size couch would be able to fit through both the stairwell and the door? I appreciate the help and insight.


August 29, 2020


Most sofas require 32″ width entranceways. Special circumstances such as sharp turns or low ceiling heights can further restrict access.

Furniture retailers are not particularly good at figuring out whether their furniture will fit through smaller entranceways. (Moving companies are much better.)

There are many websites that can help you calculate whether your furniture will fit. You can find several of them by Googling Will my sofa fit through the door?

Simplicity Sofas furniture is designed specifically for people with impossible to fit situations,such as 200 year old historic homes. Everything the company makes (including very large pieces) is guaranteed to fit through 15″ width doors and stairways. For example, the ManCave TV show came to Simplicity Sofas for a 15 seat sectional measuring 17 ft. x 17 ft. that fit down a 24″ width curving staircase.

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