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Where is Caselli Fine Leather Furniture Made and How Good is the Quality?

By Jeff Frank


Where is Caselli Fine Leather Furniture made? How good is the quality?

Nov. 1, 2020


Caselli Fine Leather is generic furniture. It is one of dozens of brands produced by Man Wah, a Chinese owned company with huge manufacturing plants in China, Vietnam and other locations. It is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world.

Man Wah specializes in low cost furniture (reclining furniture is a particular specialty) sold through major retailers worldwide.

  • Many of these large retailers use their own in-house brand names so that the furniture cannot be easily price shopped over the internet.
  • Fancy Italian brand names are often used for Chinese-made leather furniture to get higher prices (or at least higher comparative prices that can be used to show deeply discounted sale prices.)
  • It is entirely possible that if you do an internet search for Manwah or for a picture of the item you like, you will be able to find a product that is almost identical for a lower cost.

Construction is as basic as you can get. There are no specifications listed anywhere.

  • This means you have an excellent chance of getting bonded leather, a fabric that has received thousands of complaints about its tendency to peel within a few years.
  • The cushions are not removable.
  • The cheap foam used for the seats has an average life expectancy of three years before losing its resiliency and comfort. It cannot be replaced.
  • The flimsy frame will probably be made of cheap engineered fiberboard, but that is not likely to be a problem since the cushions will wear out first.

The reclining furniture category has the highest rate of consumer complaints (by far.)

Warranties are useless. Although they may appear to cover everything, they actually do not cover any of the most likely problems you will encounter.

For example:

  • The Caselli warranty has a 3 year coverage for recliner mechanisms.
  • It also has separate clauses stating that mechanical components, electrical parts and motors are all covered by 1 year warranties.
  • Multiple exclusions that further limit warranty coverage if anything goes bad within the first year are also included in the warranty language.

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