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Which Bassett Cushion is Best: Reaxion Foam or Blend Down?

By Jeff Frank


Bassett Furniture Reaxion foam vs blend down sofa cushions. Which one is softer?

Is the Reaxion cushion made with Memory foam?

Over time which would be more comfortable? Which one would hold up longer?

Blake G. Sept. 23, 2020


I am not a fan of blend-down cushions.

Bassett’s standard cushion has a 5 1/2″ thick 1.8 density foam core with a polyester fiber wrapping.

It has an average lifespan of 4 – 5 years for most people, getting softer and softer as it gradually loses its resilience (and comfort ) over that time period.

The blend down cushion takes that same 1.8 density foam core, shrinks it down to 4″ and then adds a layer of mixed feathers and fiber to fill in the space of the missing foam.

Feathers and fiber have a nice soft feel, but you now have a thinner foam core that is going to have an even shorter lifespan than the 4 – 5 years most people get from the standard cushion.

The Reaxion cushion would be intriguing if it was a real memory foam, but it would also be a lot more expensive.

Because Bassett doesn’t actually say what its special “Reaxion foam” is (other than it is not memory foam) it is impossible to draw any conclusions about this cushion.

Bassett’s spring down cushion option would be my choice.

It is softer than the standard cushion, but will maintain its “moderate firmness” over time without losing any resilience.

The spring down construction should last twice as long as the standard cushion for most people.

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