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Why has the IKEA company paid 46 million dollars to a customer?

By Jeff Frank

In 2016 IKEA paid $50 million to the families of three other children who died in a similar way.

There have been 8 reported deaths of children involving IKEA Malm dressers and chests.

Since 2016, IKEA has received nearly 300 reports of incidents causing 144 injuries to children and recalled over 27 million units worldwide.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“The Malm will be remembered as an affordable and utilitarian piece of pulp wood that kept so many Millennial socks in their little sock drawer and so many Millennial T-shirts in their little t-shirt drawer. The Malm will also be remembered for feeling like it was perpetually on the verge of just falling apart in your hands if you closed a drawer even a little too hard.”

The lawsuits claimed that IKEA knew about the problem, but did not take action.

Safety warnings about potential tipovers are now common throughout the furniture industry, particularly for taller chests. They are particularly vulnerable to small children who try to climb to the top using the drawers for steps. Many companies now supply hardware kits for anchoring chests to the wall to prevent this problem.

Additional details can be seen in this CNN Business article.

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