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Why is My Jonathan Louis Sofa Lumpy?

By Jeff Frank

I recently ordered a Jonathan Louis sofa from a local furniture store.

I liked the fabric, and it was very comfortable.

I happened to go back to the store and when I walked past the sofa, I noticed it looked lumpy.

What is going on? Is this a bad sign that the sofa won’t last very long?


Jonathan Louis sofas are above average in quality for mid-range seating.

Several seat cushion options are available.

From the photo you attached, these seat cushions appear to be the Super Plush cushion option.

Jonathan Louis’ Super plush cushions feature high-resiliency super soft foam cores.

The foam is encased in a bag filled with lots of blown polyester fiber.

Super Soft Foam cushions are thicker than Jonathan Louis’ other cushion options.

The bags are channeled to keep the fiber from shifting, but when you have a lot of fiber, some shifting will occur.

According to Jonathan Louis’ designer:

I designed these Super Plush cushions for you to “sink into” the cushion for a very soft feel.

The drawback to this type of cushion construction is that it loses its shape easily when someone sits on it.

As a result, the cushions will require “fluffing” after you get up to make the sofa look neat and tidy.

The same thing happens with ultra-expensive seat cushions made with down and feathers only (no foam.)

Without any foam, the “lumpy” problem is even worse.

If you get this Jonathan Louis sofa, it will be extremely comfortable for about 5 years, assuming you like the “soft” feel.

But you will need to be constantly adjusting the cushions if you don’t like the “lumpy” appearance.

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