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Why is the Fabric Pilling on my Couch? What Can I Do to Fix It?

By Jeff Frank


I bought a recliner and couch less than one year ago. The fabric pills.

I am the only person to use the furniture, no heavy wear or animals.

What can I do?


Pilling is a characteristic of some fabrics when new.

Pilling has nothing to do with fabric durability or quality.

It is not considered a fabric defect and is specifically excluded from coverage in most furniture warranties.

If pilling does occur, it can be easily corrected.

Pilling is a temporary condition that is most likely to occur only when the furniture is brand new (up to one-year-old.)

Pilling is more common among fabrics made with synthetic fibers than with natural fibers such as cotton, linen, or wool.

Among synthetics, acrylics are more likely to pill than polyesters.

But polyesters are so common (there are millions of different polyester fabrics) that most pilling complaints may appear to be about polyesters.

The vast majority of polyester fabrics do not have pilling problems.

The fabrics that are most likely to pill are densely woven synthetics (which are also the most durable fabrics.)

Check out these articles that describe “pilling” and what can be done to correct it:

How to remove fabric pilling from upholstery (This article recommends an inexpensive pill remover that is available from Amazon.)

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Here is a video about pilling that provides more information.

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