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Why is oak the best for furniture?

By Jeff Frank

Oak is an excellent wood in many applications.


  • Oak is a very strong and durable wood with a beautiful and distinctive grain pattern.
  • It is highly scratch, stain and dust resistant and does not need regular cleaning and polishing like many other woods.
  • Less warpage than many other types of wood.
  • Accepts stains and finishes easily in a wide variety of colors and .
  • Highly resistant to insects and fungus .
  • Less likely to warp when exposed to sunlight.
  • Good water resistant properties (especially white oak.)
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear


  • Not traditionally used for “fine” furniture (probably due to its coarse grain pattern.)
  • Cannot be as highly polished as finer grain woods.
  • Very heavy.
  • Prone to breaking due to the hardness of the wood.

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