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Why do people buy IKEA furniture?

By Jeff Frank

When IKEA first appeared they revolutionized the furniture business in a number of ways.

The most obvious was how they were able to offer serviceable products at prices that were far below competitors’ prices.
The other revolution, which is often overlooked within the furniture industry even today, is the way they merchandised their products by giving full and complete descriptions so that it was easy for consumers to understand what they were buying.

IKEA furniture is not built for long-term use, but there is a huge population of customers looking for stylish, low cost furniture for short-term use.

In addition, Ready to Assemble furniture can fit through narrow doors and stairways where conventional furniture cannot go.

Consumers who can afford better quality, higher priced furnishings often turn to IKEA because there are so few options available for high quality furniture that can fit tight doorways or stairs often found in older homes and apartments.

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