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How Can I Replace a Worn Out Spring on an Ashley Couch?

By Jeff Frank


The springs have worn out on my Ashley couch. What do I need to replace them?  I purchased an extended warranty.


August 14, 2020


Ashley usually uses sinuous wire springs for its foundations. Although these are very inexpensive, they are also extremely durable and it is rare for them to break.

  • If you have actually broken a sinuous wire spring, it probably will be covered under the warranty – unless your extended warranty specifies that it covers only “accidental” damage and not “damage caused by “normal wear and tear.”

With Ashley it is far more likely for the cushions to have worn down and lost their resiliency. That often occurs within 3 – 5 years.

  • If the seat cushions are removable you can get the cushion cores replaced. This will not be covered under Ashley’s warranty, but any local reupholsterer should be able to do this at a reasonable cost.
  • Try to get new cores that are heavier density than the 1.8 density foam Ashley typically uses. For example:
    • 2.0 density foam cores will last about a year longer than the 1.8.
    • 2.5 density foam cores may last up to 10 years.
  • If the seat cushions are not removable (as on most reclining furniture) the cost of replacing the foam will be much higher.
    • Very few people replace the foam cushioning inside sofas with non-removable cushions.

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2 thoughts on “How Can I Replace a Worn Out Spring on an Ashley Couch?”

  1. The round springs have just fallen out. 4 now. But! I threw them away about 6 months ago. Now I don’t know what size to get. Help

    • You will need to go to your Ashley dealer. They should be able to look up your order and determine the part needed.
      They should be able to order it for you from the Ashley factory.


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