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How Big Is A 2-Seater Sofa?

By Jeff Frank

The size of a 2 seat sofa usually ranges from 66″ – 88″ (168 cm – 224 cm.)

  • Love seats also have two seats and are generally smaller than two seat sofas.
  • What distinguishes a 2 seat sofa from a love seat is the width of the cushions.
    • If the two seater has cushions that are the same size normally found on a three seat sofa (22″ – 24″ or 56 cm – 61 cm) it is a loveseat.
    • If the cushions are 27″ (69 cm_or wider) it is considered a 2 seat sofa.
    • 2 seaters with cushions between those two ranges may be considered either a love seat or a sofa.

    Shown above: 82″ length Ashton 2 seat sofa by Simplicity Sofas has (2) 30″ wide cushions.

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