Are 4 or 5 Cushion Sofas Better?

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I will assume you are asking about straight sofas, not sectionals which are made up of two or more sections joined together.

4 cushion sofas are uncommon. 5 cushion sofas are rarely seen unless custom-built.

  • The minimum width for a comfortable seat cushion is 22″ (most are wider.)
  • When you include arms, that means that a 4 seat sofa will be at least 98″ in length.
  • A 5 seat sofa will be at least 120″ in length.
  • 98″ sofas will not fit through many doors and stairways.
  • 120″ sofas are extremely difficult to deliver and will not fit into many homes.

Usually, when people want upholstered furniture with 4 or 5 seats, they purchase sectionals, which are built in smaller sections and can bend around corners.

4 and 5 seat sectionals are both very popular.

Photo is 7 seat sectional and bumper ottoman by Simplicity Sofas

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