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Does the Ashley furniture store price match Amazon?

By Jeff Frank

Furniture prices are flexible and constantly changing. Sometimes (but not always) a retailer will respond to online competition.

It doesn’t hurt to try negotiating a better price than what is listed in the store, but don’t be too disappointed if you don’t succeed.

Ashley furniture stores are not all owned by a single corporate entity.

Different franchisees with multiple stores within a region (or managers in individual stores) may have different policies regarding matching online pricing.

  • The price matching policy may not be consistent within a single store for all items at all times.
  • The answer may depend on how much of a discount is being offered on Amazon (or Wayfair or other online retailers.)

The answer may also vary depending on:

  • Whether an item is in stock (or overstocked)
  • The store is trying to hit a specific monthly sales target that will qualify the staff for a bonus.
  • The persuasiveness of the individual salesperson with his manager.
  • And many other possible scenarios.

The Ashley store price may also be the same as (or lower than) the Amazon price (and of comparable quality) without any extra discounts.

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