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Does Cheers Make a High Quality Recliner?

By Jeff Frank


I am considering buying a Cheers brand leather power recliner from Costco. The salesman said they were the #1 manufacturer. Are you familiar with this brand? Does Cheers make a high-quality recliner?


Compared with other Asian brands, Cheers makes a high-quality recliner.

Cheers is one of several reclining furniture brands made by Man Wah, a Chinese manufacturer.

The company has factories in many Asian countries, including Vietnam.

Your salesperson was correct. Man Wah is the largest reclining furniture brand in the world.

Man Wah is the world’s #1 largest reclining furniture manufacturer.

Cheers makes high quality recliner & reclining sofas with both bonded leather and leather match.

Leather match has top grain leather on the seats, inside backs and inside arms.

The outside arms, backs and bases are vinyl or polyurethane faux leather. (Man Wah uses vinyl.)

Do not buy bonded leather!

Bonded leather has been the cause of thousands of complaints (and dozens of lawsuits) over the past decade.

Peeling bonded leather cannot be replaced and often occurs within 1 – 3 years after purchase.

Bonded leather defects are specifically excluded from all furniture warranties, including extended warranties.

Recently, retailers have started replacing bonded leather with a new composite faux leather comprised of polyester in combination with polyurethane and/or vinyl.

The new composite faux leathers are less expensive than bonded leathers.

Although the new composite faux leathers have not been available long enough to know their long-term durability, they should be just as durable as existing polyurethane and vinyl faux leathers (10+ years.)

Costco is one of the retailers selling Cheers recliners & reclining sofas.

I mention this because Costco’s profit margins are lower than most furniture stores (including online stores.)

Costco is the only furniture retailer I know of that still has a no-questions-asked refund policy if you have a problem.

Check out a YouTube tour of the Man Wah factory in Vietnam.

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