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Who Still Makes High Quality Sofas and Sectionals?

By Jeff Frank


I will soon purchase a couch, and would like the couch to last over 10 years…preferably 20 years.

I’m planning on $3K – $5K…. but just because I pay a lot doesn’t always mean I’ll get lasting quality.

Can you recommend some high quality sofa manufacturers?

Jan. 8, 2021


If your budget is $3000 – $5000, and you don’t need leather, there are many excellent custom sofa manufacturers who build high quality, long lasting upholstered furniture.

Most of the brands listed below will be within your price range. Many are leather specialists, but all will also have a good selection of fabrics.

In addition there are many excellent small custom upholstery shops that can build a sofa to your exact specifications at a very high quality level within that price range.

American manufacturers that make high-end upholstered furniture include:

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