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How Good is Barcalounger Compare to Other Brands?

By Jeff Frank


In your article on American made reclining furniture you do not list Barcalounger.

How does their quality compare to the other brands you do list?

Jan. 30, 2021


Barcalounger is the oldest reclining furniture brand in the U.S. For many years it was considered the top quality brand. That company went bankrupt (after many declining years) in 2010.

The new owner moved production to Morristown, TN but filed for bankruptcy in 2019.

The Barcalounger trademark was purchased by a Chinese company that specializes in buying old U.S. trademarks from companies that are no longer in business and then licensing the brand name to one or more Asian manufacturers.

Reclining furniture, sold under the Barcalounger brand name, is currently being made in China and warehoused in the U.S.

As far as I know, it is generic Asian made reclining furniture.

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