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I need a sectional under $3000 – Is Allform a Good Choice?

By Jeff Frank


We’re looking at replacing our current sectional. 4 seats 120″ long with a chaise right facing 60″ deep.

I have 4 kids. We need a very durable, washable fabric and a couch that will hold up.

We considered leather but were not sure it’s worth the investment.

We looked at Allform but weren’t impressed by their performance fabric.

Any recommendations? We would like to stay under $3000, but that is somewhat flexible if we think it’ll actually last.


If you like Allform, you should also check out Burrow.

It won’t last any longer than Allform, but it is an alternative.
In my recent article, 46 Bad, Better, Best Sofa Brands, I rated Allform, Burrow, and several other similar brands. 
Allform received the highest rating (by a slight margin) of all the mid-century modern Sofa-in-a-Box brands.
Below is a photo of Burrow’s Nomad King sectional – 4 seats with a chaise measuring 111″ x 48″. Price – $2490.
Burrow sectional
Burrow Nomad Sectional
The problem with Allform and Burrow is not the fabric.
The cushions will wear out first – in 3 – 5 years (with average use by average size people.)
If your 4 kids like to jump on the sofa, the cushions could wear out in less than 3 years.
Also, the Flexalator seat support system (foundation) has small coil springs holding it to the frame which tend to fall out when kids jump on the furniture.
Missing coil springs can cause the seats to sag.
You may also want to consider the IKEA Finnala.
Before you reject this 127″ x 65″  $1800 IKEA Finnala sectional (with a removable, washable cover) check out my blog article, IKEA Sofas – All the Experts are Wrong!

IKEA Finnala sectional

Leather is not a good investment on a sectional that is going to last 5 years or less.

To get up to a high-quality level for a sectional of this size, you will probably need to pay at least $4000 (in fabric.)

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