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Is Parker House Furniture Made in America? What Kind of Foam Do They Use?

By Jeff Frank


What type of foam is used in Parker Houses’ recliners and sofas?

Where is their furniture made?


Parker House is a wholesaler, not a manufacturer.

They import furniture from multiple Asian sources and warehouse it for resale to U.S. retailers.

The company provides no information to consumers about how the furniture is constructed.

In the vast majority of cases, when foam density is not specified, it is 1.8 density.
U.S. upholstery manufacturers have been trying to differentiate their sofas and reclining furniture from cheaper Asian knockoffs.

One of these differentiations is in foam. Asian polyurethane foam is often inferior to U.S. made foam.

1.8 density foam sourced from Asia does not hold up as well and is less environmentally friendly than the same density foam sourced in the U.S. to Certi-Pur standards.

1.8 density Asian foam that is used in sofas and recliners will be noticeably softer after more than one year of use.

It may become uncomfortably soft within 3 years.

If you weigh more than 200 lbs. or have kids who like to jump on furniture, the foam may wear out even sooner.

It is not usually economical to replace the worn out foam in this price range.

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