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Is Smith Brothers furniture well-built and a good value?

By Jeff Frank


I am considering the Smith Brothers 3000 or 5000 Series sofas, love seats and chairs.

Are the frames and support systems well-constructed with decent quality materials and workmanship?

Will the upholstery and cushions last more than 5-7 years?

Is Smith Brothers good value for the price?


Smith Brothers furniture is well built and a good value.

Smith Brothers frames are solid hardwood and should last for 20+ years.
Seat supports uses drop-in coil spring foundations.

Drop-in coil springs are more comfortable than sinuous wire and a better value than 8 way hand tied.

From a comfort perspective, most people (including industry professionals) can’t tell the difference between drop-in coil springs and 8 way hand tied, when combined with high quality, firm cushions.*

From a durability perspective, drop-in coil springs should outlast 8 way hand-tied. The twine on 8 way hand-tied tends to rot after about 20 years.

*If the cushions are soft down/feather filled (no foam or springs) 8 way hand-tied foundations will be noticeably more comfortable.

Down/feather cushions are far more costly than foam or coil spring cushions and are found only on the most expensive sofas.

The small amount of down or feathers used in combination with foam or Spring Down cushions is not enough to feel the additional comfort of 8 way hand-tied.

Drop-in coil springs are a much better value than 8 way hand-tied when combined with high quality “firm” cushions.

8 way hand-tied foundations add several hundred dollars to the price of a sofa. 

They require several hours of labor by the highest paid workers in the factory.

Drop-in coil spring foundations can be installed by low-skilled workers in a few minutes.

Additional details about Smith Brothers frame and foundation construction can be found at What You Need to Know About Smith Brothers.

Get the Qualux Ultra cushion upgrade.

Qualux is the highest quality polyurethane foam available for seat cushions.

Their Ultra foam is 2.75 density and should last 20+ years if you weigh 200 lbs. or less.

If you weigh 250 lbs. or more, Qualux Ultra foam cushions may need replacement within 15 years or less.

Qualux makes its Ultra foam in “firm” (34 ILD) and extra-firm (60 ILD).

The “firm” foam is more comfortable for most people on residential seating.

Extra-firm is used primarily for commercial or institutional seating.

Extra-firm foam will not last any longer than firm foam with the same density.

Smith Brothers also used to offer a Spring down cushion option. I don’t see it listed currently.

If it is still available, that is also an excellent cushion that should last 20+ years for most people.

You may see some negative reviews about Smith Brothers.

Until about a year ago, Smith Brothers was a popular source of better quality reclining sofas and sectionals. (They still make recliner chairs.)

Large reclining pieces have a higher rate of complaints and problems than stationary seating made by the same brand.

This is true for almost all high end upholstered furniture manufacturers that also make reclining furniture.

Most of the negative Smith Brothers reviews I have seen refer to two categories of complaints:

Large reclining pieces.

Supply chain problems because of parts and raw materials shortages during the Pandemic.

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