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Is Stickley Furniture Worth It?

By Jeff Frank


We are contemplating buying a leather sofa with wood frame and reclining chair also with wood frame. We like a Stickley sofa, but it is very expensive. Is Stickley Furniture worth it?

April 16, 2021


Stickley is one of the finest quality furniture manufacturers in the world. They have built heirloom quality furniture for over 100 years. Is Stickley Furniture worth it? Yes!.

The company first began making furniture in the 1890s. It created the Arts and Crafts and Mission furniture styles that are still going strong.

Note: I have owned a Stickley dining room set for 30 years. It is still magnificent.

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3 thoughts on “Is Stickley Furniture Worth It?”

  1. Recently, I asked Stickley about the foam density in their sofa seat cushions and received a response on February 12, 2024. The customer representative said that the Ultra Plush is 1.824 lbs. and the Spring Down is 1.829 lbs. “when extra firm”. As you’ve noted in your other posts, springs in seat cushions can prevent premature cushion compression and failure. However, I don’t know if the Ultra Plush contains springs. And both cushion options’ foam densities are surprisingly low considering Stickley’s reputation of high quality.

    • I’m pretty sure the Ultra Plush doesn’t have springs. The way to double check is by the price. Coil spring cushions cost more than cushions without springs.

      Most of the high end brands have multiple cushion options, beginning with 1.8. Cushion thickness and surface area make a difference. Larger, thicker seat cushions last longer.

      The foam density in the spring down cushions doesn’t make as much difference as it does in an all-foam cushion. Your weight is mostly on the springs rather than the foam, except when you’re getting up from the cushion.

      If you weigh 250 lbs. the foam density may make a difference in the spring down cushion lifespan, but for most people it won’t make much of a difference.

      I’m intrigued by the density numbers you were given. No foam fabricator measures density to three decimal places. Most can’t even guaranty foam density to one decimal place. Also, it wouldn’t make sense for a company to carry two different foam densities that were so close together.

      • Yes, I found the foam density ratings odd too. I originally inquired about the Stickley Essex Sofa in September 2023 with no reply. I asked about sofa cushion foam densities in general—as a follow-up e-mail—in early February 2024 and received an answer. Given the font change in the e-mail, the density ratings appear to have been copy and pasted from another document.

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