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Loose or Attached Back Cushions – Which is Better?

By Jeff Frank


Which type of back cushions are better? Attached or loose style?
–Dolores July 17, 2022


Back cushions for top quality custom seating are dictated by the style.

Both attached and loose variations will be highly durable and problem-free over a long time period.

Mid-range (mass produced) seating has different issues.

Most loose back cushions are filled with polyester fiber only.

The fiber begins to compact after just a few months. This creates severe wrinkling and wavy welting.

The loose back cushions can look old and worn out long before other parts of the sofa.

This problem can be remedied inexpensively by simply adding more fiber (or crushed foam which lasts longer.)

But most people simply live with the wrinkled back cushions and try to “fluff” them up occasionally.

Non-removable (tight) back cushions are more practical when paired with removable seat cushions.

Most mass produced reclining furniture is made with non-removable seat and back cushions.

There is no problem with the back cushion, but attached reclining seat cushions can lose their resilience and initial comfort within 3 – 5 years.

It is prohibitively expensive to replace the worn-out seat foam.

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