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Where can I find a list of mid-sized furniture (specifically dresser) manufacturing companies?

By Jeff Frank

There are very few wood furniture manufacturers left in the U.S.

Vaughn Basset is the largest existing U.S. mass producer of wood furniture. Nearly 90% of U.S. wood furniture manufacturers have closed down or migrated to Asia over the past 30 years.
There are some smaller manufacturers.

  • Vermont has several that specialize in clean modern styles.
  • Simply Amish is a company that produces lines of wood furniture (including dressers) from a network of small shops.

There are still a few high-end wood mid-size furniture manufacturers remaining. There are also dozens of small shops producing high end handcrafted products.

  • Old House Journal.com for the most comprehensive list of high-end manufacturers and artisans that I have seen.

Your follow up question indicates that you have a new dresser design that you would like to see manufactured.

Dressers are either mass-produced as a commodity item or custom-built at high prices.

  • If your dresser is a high-end product that will have limited sales, there are several small shops that may be able to help you.
  • If you feel that your dresser design should be mass-produced in large quantities, you are facing an impossible challenge – even if your design is truly innovative.
    • 80% of wood furniture currently sold in the U.S. is imported from huge overseas factories.
      • Those companies spend millions of dollars annually to improve their technology and production efficiency.
    • Manufacturers are usually very reluctant to introduce new items that cannot be integrated into their existing product lines.
      • If it can be easily integrated they won’t need you.
    • The fact that this is an individual item and not an entire product line makes your task even more difficult.
    • Even if you find a manufacturer who likes your new design, how do you protect yourself against the company copying your product or competing against you with a modified version?
      • Design patents are no protection at all. Utility patents are expensive. Even if you get one (or more) you will not have the resources needed to defend it against a large (or even a mid-size) competitor.
      • The more commercially successful your design is, the more incentive your competitors will have to copy or design around you.

      Since you are working with a dresser design, you should be familiar with the recent safety concerns about chests that can tip over, injuring small children who try to climb up on open drawers.

      IKEA recently recalled thousands of chests for that reason and there are new safety regulations being drafted to address the problem.

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