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Should I Replace the Back Cushions in my Henredon Sofa?

By Jeff Frank


Should I replace the back cushions in my Henredon couch?

Or do I need to replace the couch?

I bought a Henredon sofa at a big discount because it had moderate surface scars from shipping and had not sold.

I thought the construction was really good, but the back cushions have not been comfortable and look all crushed and out of shape.

Would it be worth replacing the insides of the back cushions and keep the couch?

Or should I buy a different couch? Johnnie 10-17-2022


Do not replace the couch!

The back cushions can be fixed easily and inexpensively.

From 1945 through 2012, Henredon was one of the highest quality sofa brands made in the U.S.

It went through the first of two bankruptcies in 2013. A second bankruptcy was filed in 2018.

At that point, the Henredon brand name was sold.

It is possible that Henredon sofas have been manufactured since 2018, but they would not be the same quality.

Henredon sofas made prior to 2012 were built to last 50 years or more.

Henredon sofas made between 2013 and 2018 were not as good, but still qualified as high end upholstery.

Your sofa’s back cushions are filled with down and feathers.

This is a relatively expensive type of back cushion, but the problem you are describing is very common and easy to fix.

Cushions stuffed with down and feathers have little resiliency.

Every time you get up from the sofa, the cushions need to be “fluffed” so that they do not look crushed and misshapen.

Any local upholstery shop can fix this easily and inexpensively.

Simply add more filling to the back cushions.

But instead of adding more of the expensive down and feathers, you can substitute polyester fiber or crushed foam.

The difference in “feel” will be negligible.  

Get the highest quality polyester fiber available.

It has more resilience (ability to bounce back) and doesn’t cost much more than cheap fiber.

The existing down and feathers, together with the new fiber (or crushed foam) is resewn into a channeled down-proof ticking.

Channeled back cushions are sewn into three separate sections to prevent the filling from clumping in one spot.

This can be done by any local upholstery shop.

Cushions filled with down and feathers will always need some “fluffing” after each use.

But the cushions will look (and feel) much better than they do now at minimal cost.

There are many other techniques that can also be used to re-stuff the back cushions.

Check out this Youtube video of a fiber filled back cushion having its filling replaced.

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